Janhvi Kapoor’s International Debut at Paris Haute Couture Week Garners Mixed Reactions

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Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor made her much-anticipated international runway debut at Paris Haute Couture Week, showcasing a mermaid-inspired dress by renowned designer Rahul Mishra. Despite her stunning appearance, Kapoor’s runway walk elicited a lukewarm response online.

Janhvi Kapoor dazzled on the runway in a sparkly gown that appeared to have emerged from a real-life oyster. The dress featured a long, flowing trail reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail, akin to scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean. The skirt was paired with a bustier, embellished top, perfectly complementing the oceanic theme of Mishra’s collection titled “Aura.”

Kapoor shared the runway with other models, each adorned in designs that reflected the collection’s theme. However, while the oceanic design of Kapoor’s outfit received praise, her walk left many underwhelmed.

A video of Janhvi Kapoor walking the runway quickly circulated online, sparking mixed reactions from viewers. While some appreciated the creativity and beauty of her dress, others were critical of her runway performance. One user quipped, “Is the walk in the room with us??.” Another commented on Instagram, “Why do Indian celebrities who have the chance to represent the country internationally in fashion always turn out to be a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT and a FLOPPPPP??? ALWAYS!?!.” A third user humorously noted, “Looks like she’s holding something between her thighs and making sure it doesn’t fall?” Further critique came with, “Just curious – do they not have practice and feedback sessions prior to the finale?”

In contrast to the mixed reviews of Kapoor’s walk, designer Rahul Mishra offered a detailed insight into his collection on social media. Mishra wrote, “Predominantly black and greyscale, the collection represents depth and mystery associated with aura as it appears to be emanated from the silhouette. The collection becomes an attempt to articulate through couture clothing how the said omnipresent aura may interact with a living body. And how the living body becomes a vessel for a part of this energy, and draws its greatness from it.”

Despite the criticism of her runway skills, Janhvi Kapoor’s debut at such a prestigious fashion event marks a significant milestone in her career, showcasing her versatility and ambition beyond the Bollywood screen. As with any new venture, her experience on the international stage provides valuable lessons and sets the stage for future appearances.

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