Knowlarity’s toll-free support provides Kerala flood victims access to rescue teams


Knowlarity is now applying its advanced technology solutions to assist the residents of the flood-ravaged state of Kerala. It has announced two toll-free numbers, 180030026189 & 919899080216, on which flood victims can access immediate medical consultation and also reach out to rescue teams instantly.  


As Kerala residents call up on 180030026189, any doctor of the 7 empanelled ones will answer their queries immediately and offer a ready solution to their problem. There is no IVR layer on this number so that calls can get connected at the earliest. With the second number, one is greeted by an IVR and based on the region of the caller, they are connected to any one of the doctors on board from that region. Flood-affected residents can avail instant consultation for free.


Doctors are available in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Calicut, while rescue teams are available in the Chenganoor Area. In case a caller isn’t able to touch base with the doctors, they can drop a voicemail and the doctors will get in touch with them at the earliest. In case the call is missed, Knowlarity’s systems provide an efficient way to ensure that someone always calls back. It has allocated 20 channels to further ensure that no calls get missed.


Speaking on this initiative, Knowlarity CEO Ambarish Gupta, said, “Kerala is battling its worst floods in nearly a century and we were looking to do everything in our power to offer support to the victims in the state. On the suggestion of two of our customers to offer an inexpensive virtual number solution for Kerala flood victims, we instantly provided them with our advanced cloud telephony solutions which allow distressed victims to call up the number and get an instant consultation from doctors or reach out to rescue teams, absolutely free of cost. We sincerely hope that these toll-free numbers are able to offer the much-needed help to the people of Kerala and we are further looking to offer any assistance that we can by leveraging our expertise on the cloud telephony front. Our prayers and wishes are with the victims during this moment of massive crisis.”


Both the solutions were deployed by Knowlarity on Saturday, August 18, 2018. With thousands of Keralites stranded without any internet connection and rescue efforts failing to match the scale of the disaster despite best efforts, these toll-free, 24X7 numbers will definitely serve a great purpose.