Labour from Kerala wins ₹12-crore lottery

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A daily-wage labourer in Kerala who won a ₹12-crore lottery had bought a lottery ticket while he was on his way to a bank for a loan. Porunnan Rajan’s house was on the verge of being repossessed by a bank due to loan default. Rajan said he aims to clear his debt, expand his home and educate his younger daughter.


It was some 20 days ago. Porunnan Rajan, a rubber tapper, was on his way to the bank to avail a fourth loan to repay the three he had taken earlier. At that moment, he was not thinking about the money he would have soon, but the added pressure the new loan would place him under.


Desperate for a lucky break, Rajan, ignoring the constant pleas his wife had made, walked into Payyan Agencies at Koothuparamba after making up his mind to buy a Christmas-New Year bumper lottery ticket. It was to prove a life-changing moment.


“I felt happy. I would be able to settle all my loans and finish the work on my house. Also, I’ll be able to help my younger daughter Akshara, a plus-two student, complete her studies without any hassle. I would also like to help the needy as I know the hardships of life,” said Rajan.


His son Rigil, who had discontinued his studies and has been helping his father to make both ends meet, is also happy.

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