M-tech launches its first senior friendly phone – Sathi


The elderly are a generation that sacrificed, loved and nurtured us all. But with age, their physical, mental and emotional faculties deteriorate and all they need is care and attention from their loved ones. With this belief to make the elderly feel cared for and empowered, M-tech, a manufacturer of affordable mobile phones, has launched its first senior friendly phone – Sathi.  The phone promises to make their lives easier and be a true companion, at all times.


High resolution cameras, faster performance and rich multimedia matter to the young. But, to the elderly they are irrelevant. They need a phone that is easy to use and specifically designed for their unique needs.  Ease of use is at the core of the M-tech Sathi with its 2” horizontal wide screen, extra-large keypads and on –screen fonts, bold keypad and icons for better visibility. Hearing being an issue with aging, key pad sound on the phone add that extra touch of usefulness. Security and medical emergency is crucial and the phone features an SOS button for emergency ensuring that their loved ones are never far away. Extending its usability beyond the elderly, Sathi offers Braille support for the visually impaired.


Sathi also offers 2 bonus features bearing in mind the unique needs and everyday lifestyle of the elderly. First, it is the only phone in its segment to offer a Bluetooth dialler that allows users to connect this phone with their smart phone, and make/receive a call without touching their smart phone. Second, is the Alerts feature that allows users to set alerts according to their preference. E.g. water alert or medicine alert 


Speaking on the launch, Goutam Kumar Jain, Co-Founder, M-tech Informatics Ltd, said,  “Elderly in general and our parents in particular deserve the best just the way they ensured the best for us when we were young. The elderly have unique requirements and need care and support at every step. They need to stay connected with their loved ones, ensure personal safety and be entertained. In short, they need a phone that can be effortlessly used, is specifically designed for them and is affordable. The M-tech Sathi has been designed keeping in mind these unique needs including affordability, while providing peace of mind to their family. The Sathi is our sincere tribute to the elderly.”