Migrants workers from Kerala left in lurch, government cancels Shramik Special trains


Amid pandemic lockdown, Shramik Special trains were released for migrants to reach their hometowns. Hundreds of migrants in Kerala have been left on roads after some of the Shramik special trains were cancelled as some state governments denied them permission.

The special trains scheduled from several stations, including Aluva, Ernakulam, Alappuzha and Shoranur, were cancelled and the migrants including women and children who left the labour camps and rented house are now stranded with nowhere to go.

Though the employers were asked to take care of the migrants until train service resumes, many of them are reluctant to provide accommodation and other facilities, according to a news report.

Bihar government has declined to give NOC citing that the arrangements were yet to be in place to receive the labourers. Hence, special train service to Bihar could not be operated.

However, special trains have already been operated to various states, including Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand. A total of 14,896 migrant workers have already left for their home states in special trains.

The police authorities and labour department officials are worried over the cancellation of the trains as managing the hundreds of restless migrants who are waiting for the train service to reach home is a tough task.

With no work and money for the last 40 days, most of the migrants are depending on the community kitchens and food packets provided by NGOs and social organisations.