Mumbai Development Plan 2034 focuses on affordable homes and job creation


The Mumbai Development Plan (DP) for 2034 speaks about creating 1 million affordable houses and 8 million jobs in the city. The DP envisages creating theatres, museums, parks, playgrounds, theme gardens, old age homes and shelters for the homeless.


However, with BMC’s development plans have had a very dismal record of completion, this might be just in papers. Brihanmumbai M u n i c i p a l Corpor a t i on Commissioner Ajoy Mehta h i m s e l f admitted that only 20% of what the 1991 Development Plan had envisaged could be achieved. In plain terms, all the talk of creating 1 million affordable homes and 8 million jobs is likely to remain on paper because execution has been poor.


Moreover, the city’s public infrastructure has always failed to keep pace with the demands of a growing population. And with the latest Development Plan—a blueprint for land use over the next two decades—the pattern appears set to continue.