Navy Chief Admiral asks Navy personnel to get prepared with Vital operations


Chief Admiral of Indian Navy Karambir Singh asked the Navy personnel to ensure that vital operational assets such as ships and submarines remain free from the Corona virus. In a video message to all Navy personnel, he said,  Corona virus pandemic is unprecedented.


 “Our ships and aircraft are on standby to support the government and civil administration. We are ready to extend support not only to our country but to Indian Ocean region nations, island territories of our country,” the navy chief said.


“The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and it has never been seen before. Its impact has been extraordinary across the globe, including India,” he said in a video message to all Navy personnel. The danger posed by this disease is real, imminent and unprecedented, he noted.


“We need to double our efforts to ensure that our personnel and their families continue to remain safe…We also have to make sure that our operational assets, especially ships and submarines, remain free from the virus,” Singh said.


“It is a very difficult task as physical-distancing on ships and submarines is a challenge…I would also request you to wear your masks at all times,” he noted.


Singh listed the steps that were taken by the Indian Navy to deal with the virus such as stopping the recruitment, putting a halt on transfers and movements of sailors and officers, and changing the training set up. He further said, the armed force is ready to assist other countries in Indian Ocean region.