Nessians Run to sensitize people about the ill-effects of Drugs


Close to fifty employees from Ness Digital Engineering, Bangalore took part in a 5K Run-Say No to Drugs, to spread awareness about the negative effects of drug abuse.


The event provided a forum to reinforce the importance of helping people recognize and resist the pressures to engage in illicit drug use. With this 5K run, Ness Digital Engineering is pleased to support the Bangalore City Police in its initiative to curb drug abuse.


Dr. Boralingiah, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South East Division says, “Youngsters seem to fall into the trap of drugs, either out of curiosity or constant pressure from their peers. It’s great that Ness Digital Engineering is supporting this Drug Abuse awareness program. Similarly, we expect a lot more corporate and IT companies to join hands for this useful cause.”


“As an organization, we believe it is important to contribute to and participate in the success of the communities in which we live and work,” said Vinay Rajadhyaksha, President & Global Chief Delivery Officer, Ness Digital Engineering.  “This ‘Say No To Drugs’ run event is another initiative Ness has undertaken to shed more light on important societal issues, including preventing drug abuse, and also encouraging childhood education, reducing pollution, and increasing road safety awareness to name a few.  We will continue to be active members in our community.”


Charles Swami, Ness one of the volunteers of the event, said, “Drug abuse is engulfing more and more people every single day, and helping to reduce the problem has become a priority.”


Diksha Kumari, Ness Digital Engineering participant of the 5K marathon said, “We appreciate the social responsibility of the police department for organizing the Drug-free campaign. It’s indeed a great initiative, and we are proud to be part of the event and support the cause. I think a similar initiative like this could be initiated in other cities of Karnataka.”