New technology that manufactures immunity booster water during times of COVID for LYNX


LYNX Lawrence & Mayo, one of the India’s leading engineering and infrastructure equipment providers, today announced the expansion of their portfolio into the Utilities segment, through an MoU with Maithri Aquatech, an innovative firm that manufactures Meghdoot which can produce alkaline water which significantly helps in increasing the immunity levels of the people during the time when the world looks for solutions to control the COVID 19 pandemic. Maithri’ s unique patented technology provides clean drinking water, through condensation of atmospheric air! Leveraging Maithri Aquatech’s Meghdoot – an innovation based on the Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology to solve both the issues of water availability as well as contamination, LYNX Lawrence & Mayo will help provide clean drinking water to the masses – a primary need of the hour, as India battles a massive health crisis and gears up for a summer marked with water scarcity.


The World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are linked to unsafe water. Maithri Aquatech is an Indian startup that aims at alleviating the global water crisis through indigenous development and manufacturing of the innovative Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG).Meghdoot. The patented technology which is capable of providing healthy potable water enriched with essential minerals can ensure the best quality of safe and pure drinking water for the masses, helping India fight one of the worst health crisis ever. Meghdoot can be installed to supply safe drinking water at any of the key locations be it the quarantined infrastructures housing the patients, or at the hospitals. Additionally, provide safe and clean drinking water to the Covid warriors like the police force, on-field health authorities, the essential food suppliers and the likes.


Speaking about its association with Maitri Aquatech, Dr Vivek G. Mendonsa, Director-Marketing, and LYNX: Lawrence & Mayo said, “We at LYNX Lawrence & Mayo have been constantly driving innovation and excellence in advanced precision equipment for engineering and infrastructure sectors, across air, land and water. With the addition of Meghdoot: Atmospheric water generator from Maithri Aquatech, we are delighted to enter the Utilities segment with a large range of highly specialized Atmospheric Water generators to our Portfolio. We view this product as a game changer and would be strategically deploying it to create an integrated and specialized service to our existing and potential clients. We certainly look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Maitri Aquatech.”


Speaking about their partnership with LYNX: Lawrence and Mayo, Ram Krishna, Founder-Managing Director , Maithri Aquatech said, “Partnering with LYNX: Lawrence and Mayo is a good  fit for us given their leadership in innovation & transformation to meet the demands and challenges of achieving modernization for the 21st century India. We visualize leveraging each other’s strength, in Maithri Aquatech’s high performance AWG’s using which one can generate the best quality of drinking even in the hygiene of one’s home and LYNX’s rich legacy and market access. Looking forward to a great and valuable partnership.”


The Meghdoot portable Atmospheric Water Generator which is made under the ‘Make in India’ program by Maithri Aquatech is available in various capacities ranging from 30 liters per day to 2000 liters per day. When arranged in a building block format Meghdoot is also capable of producing millions of liters of water every single day. Meghdoot draws the moisture laden air from the atmosphere which after due filtration is passed through a cooling chamber leading to water formation. This water is then passed through multi-level filtration and fortified with essential minerals which are necessary for human consumption meeting WHO (World Health Organization) as well as Indian Standards for drinking water using technology developed at the IICT (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad). Meghdoot has been approved by the Mashelkar Committee of the Ministry of Jal Shakti. Megdoot has also been approved by EPTRI (Environment Protection Training and Research Institute, Hyderabad) as being environmentally friendly as there is no dependency on any water source, nor is there any waste generated.


The eco-friendly water generators not only ensure immunity boosting and safe drinking water but, this being achieved at the lowest power consumption compared to other AWG’s available in the market. They are also compatible with renewable sources of energy sources be it solar or wind. Meghdoot would certainly be a path breaker for India and lead to a cleaner, cheaper and sustainable source of drinking water.