NITI Aayog to organise Block-chain summit and hackathon in Delhi


As part of the series of Road to GES events, in the run up to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, NITI Aayog along with Proffer, a block-chain startup founded by graduates of MIT and Harvard, are organizing a Blockchain summit and hackathon at IIT Delhi from Nov 10-13, 2017.


The objective of the event is to explore how blockchain architectures can enable a new digital infrastructure for India, improving efficiency, transparency, privacy, and cost across all sectors.


In the upcoming event 1,500+ students from different universities such as  from IITs, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, and top engineering institutions around the world will be participating in the event, with 500 attending in-person on IIT Delhi’s campus.


Also world’s biggest companies like Microsoft, IBM, Accel, Coinbase, and Amazon AWS are sponsoring $17,000+ in prizes to reward the top ‘5 blockchain-based application’s addressing problems in government/enterprise infrastructure, finance, energy markets, supply chain, decentralized Aadhar identities, information exchange, and more.


On the evening of Friday November 10, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant will deliver a keynote, sharing his perspective on how blockchain technology can transform the Indian economy and presenting his vision for IndiaChain – a blockchain-enabled infrastructure for Indian enterprise and government.


Along with the representative from  ministries other companies representatives will also address the crowed on Friday evening and Saturday morning.