NXP India takes a major step towards safety of its women employees


As part of its commitment to ensure security and safety for their women employees, NXP India has provided a safety wearable device called ‘SAFER’ to female employees. The pendant was handed over to 90 women employees, who usually work late after 7 pm for various critical projects. The aim of this initiative is to ensure women feel safe at work and on their way home.


This is the first phase of the initiative, in the second phase the pendant would be distributed to all employees of the organization.


Sanjay Gupta, Vice President and India Country Manager, NXP India said, “At a time when more and more women spend a considerable time outside their homes, safety becomes a pertinent concern. At NXP, we are focused on ensuring that our female employees have access to all the necessary support that they might need. And with such initiatives, we look forward to help professionals balance personal and professional commitments while leading healthy, safe and purposeful lives. At NXP, we value and promote diversity at workplace and we want our female employees to have ample of opportunities to show case their skills and calibre without being affected about security”.


Embedded with a tracking device, SAFER pendant can be used as a necklace or simply secured to a keychain that is programmed to trigger an alarm and send signals to pre-identified phone numbers in case of an emergency. An SOS alert will be sent to assigned guardians on double tapping the device. Users can also share their live location. An interesting feature is that a guardian doesn’t need to have a smartphone. In that case, a simple text-based address giving the SAFER user’s location is sent to the number. If a guardian does have a smartphone, they can see the location on a map or even track the movements of the SAFER user in real-time after alert is generated. The app also lets you find the nearest hospital and police station, so it makes sense to have in unfamiliar places.