Odisha Cases May Peak To 46.2 Lakh In June-July: Report seems baseless


The figures projected by a joint research team of Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University and Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policies. It’s an SEIR model, taking into account the number of people in Odisha who are infected, have recovered, are exposed and/or are prone to COVID-19.


However, the basics of the report has not mentioned. Some experts says, Johns Hopkins is increasing the fear factor. If Odisha would effect by 46.00 lakh Plus ,then what will happen to other states like West Bengal, U.P, Rajasthan, Maharastra and rest of India. We will go by the report ,then this figure would go into few crores.


Several media houses in India carried news reports that claimed that India is set to witness a huge spike in coronavirus cases, with as many as 40 crore Indians contracting the virus eventually, as per Hopkins reports.


The novel coronavirus pandemic in Odisha will peak to around a staggering 46.2 lakh cases in June-July, which makes it 10 per cent of the state’s population (4.5 crore)!


But cheer up – the curve will start flattening from August and there is a strong probability that Covid-19 will be completely under control come the festive season in October. Another question comes on, when the 10 percent of the population is going into effected, then how to celebrate the festival season.


As per the study, the total baseline projection of coronavirus infections in Odisha has been estimated at 53.905 lakh. But the number of people infected at peak time in June-July will be around 46 lakh.


The study has found that post moderation under lockdown, one infected individual will infect more than two other individuals in Odisha, triggering a geometric progression of coronavirus transmission.


A technical spokesperson of the Odisha health department predicted recently that positive cases in Odisha will cross 10,000 by June. However, The number of coronavirus cases in the state stands at 1,336 till date (May 24) with seven deaths being reported.