“Our core expertise is analysing files and URLs, delivered typically via email, as if they are being viewed by the victim


Gaurav Chawla, Business Development Manager – APAC, VMRay


Measures to be taken for Cyber threats  

Clearly understanding where the enterprise is most vulnerable is key to preventing cyber incidents and staying ahead of attackers. Cybersecurity is not static – organizations need to conduct regular security audits, assess the discovered risks to provide the appropriate level of protection, and fine-tune their security programs accordingly. Having a multi-layered security approach is more important than ever. You will need to put in place the right balance of defensive, detection and responsive measures. Integrate the security environment tightly to avoid blind spots and implement process automation at every possible stage of your security concept to allow your security teams to concentrate on critical tasks.

Solutions for sophisticated attacks

Cyber criminals are indeed using more sophisticated toolset. This is mainly true to phishing attacks which is responsible for the vast majority of malware infections. We are seeing ML and AI being used to make email attacks look more realistic, and thus trick users to open malware attachments and click on malicious links. The irony is that these types of attacks are harder to detect by ML and AI, which are considered the emerging detection technologies, because these technologies are focusing on the delivery method and not on the payload. This is like fighting fire with fire. Luckily, the VMRay threat analysis and detection technology is agnostic to the way attacks are delivered. Instead, we are focused on the “malicious payload”, i.e. the actual code that harms the user. Our core expertise is analysing files and URLs, delivered typically via email, as if they are being viewed by the victim. This concept also known as “sandboxing”. However, existing sandbox solutions are becoming less effective to detect more advanced threats, because these have learned to differentiate between a real user and a sandbox. Based on many years of research, VMRay uses a unique technology that makes it impossible for threats to know that they are being analysed by our sandbox. If a malicious payload is delivered via the email, we will detect it.

Partner Network

We have established our regional presence in mid-2020 and are building up our 2-tier channel across the region to support our quickly growing number of customers. VMRay has already developed an extensive partner networks to support regional market requirement through recruitments of Distributor, VAR’s, Global System Integrators, Regional Technology partners, Consulting organizations. As a provider of leading-edge technologies for advanced malware detection and analysis, we are adding partners with extensive experience in SOC and Incident Response.