PM is Indian by birth, needs no citizenship certificate: PMO


Journalist Seemi Pasha filed an RTI application seeking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s citizen certificate. His question in the RTI application, according to journalist Seemi Pasha, read, “Please show the Citizenship Certificate of our Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.”


In response to an RTI filed by an Indian citizen seeking the certificate of citizenship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the PMO office has replied that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no citizenship certificate because he is an Indian citizen by birth.


The reply by one Praveen Kumar in the Prime Minister’s Office, read, “Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a citizen of India by birth in terms of Section 3 of The Citizenship Act, 1955 and as such the question of his having a citizenship certificate which is for citizenship by registration does not arise.”