Prysm Revolutionizing the Enterprise Content Collaboration Segment


In today’s time and age, it is crucial to stay connected across platforms. Collaboration is indeed a top priority for many business leaders. With the content collaboration space growing exponentially, Prysm tries to redefine this space with innovative collaboration techniques. Kumar G.B, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Prysm throws more light on this –

The content collaboration segment has made a significant shift from the days of vanilla video conferencing solutions. The next wave of growth in the enterprise collaboration and employee productivity space will come from the innovation of a different level altogether. This is where the concept of visual workplace comes into the picture.

Prysm visual workplace solutions are more collaborative as well as provide a richer user experience. “If we look at the current market dynamics, companies are using an amalgamation of tools intended to do specific tasks. For instance, companies have deployed Microsoft Skype for Business/Cisco telepresence for face-to-face collaboration and content sharing. With Prysm visual workplace solution, one can combine live applications, diverse content, video conferencing, and the web into a touch-interactive visual workspace. The solution allows teams to simultaneously create, edit, share and store content to maximize productivity, regardless of device or geographical location. Our robust yet easy and intuitive user interface further increases the effectiveness of teams,” Kumar G.B, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Prysm.

Prysm solutions work seamlessly with most of the third-party collaboration tools and solutions, such as Cisco, Skype for Business, Microsoft Office 365, among others to provide maximum compatibility and transforming them into a unified touch-based agnostic platform. “The beauty of our solutions is the fact that Prysm Visual Workplace integrates applications and content into a touch-interactive visual workspace platform – regardless of device or geographical location. We also leverage our leadership in the display technology business to enrich the experience while bringing applications, content, video and the web into an interactive canvas. The ability to bring the quality of content anywhere, anytime and on any device is a unique value proposition for Prysm,” he says.

With the global enterprise content collaboration market expected to double by 2020, India will play an important part of this growth. “We have seen huge success in India since we have started our operations here in 2007. Initially, we had Indian customers who primarily purchased our products in the U.S. and deployed in their organizations. Today, with the evolution of technology and the understanding that customers possess here, we are able to gain businesses here and deliver directly. In fact, few of our customers who implemented our solutions in India are also now customers in the U.S. and Europe,” asserts G.B.

With the push towards ‘Digital India’, special-purpose clouds and applications that focus specifically on connecting devices and machines the government sector in India also holds huge potential for Prysm. Prysm offers two ranges of products – one is the display solution and the other is its visual workplace enterprise collaboration software suite. Prysm Enterprise is the newest offering in its Visual Workplace portfolio. The solutions integrate applications, diverse and multiple content, video conferencing and the web into cloud-based visual workspaces where anyone can create, edit, share, and store work, and then go back and re-access the saved workspaces later from any device or location via the cloud.
“Looking at it from a day to day business perspective, cross geographical collaboration would be redefined with the use of Prysm Visual Workplace. For instance, a senior executive working out of California can seamlessly collaborate with his R&D team which might be working out of India or any other location. The experience that our solutions provide are so rich in nature that it’s no less than having them in a meeting room rather, you can do much more with the use of our solutions which really enhances the productivity at the workplace and does not restrict workplace to a specific geography,” G.B says.

In the coming years…

With the content collaboration market to double in the next 5 years, Prysm is well positioned in this space. The concept of Visual Workplace will become a common phenomenon in years to come as companies who have already invested in these solutions would be glued to it and are aware of the ROI of the solutions.

“The beauty of Prysm Visual Workplace solutions is that the entire experience of collaboration is enhanced to an extent that whatever one does while located in a workplace, one might as well do it while on the move. As we are planning to spread our presence across geographies, in the next couple of years, we foresee a multifold increase in deployments of our solutions in major Fortune companies around the globe,” he states.