Radiologists says rubbish on the statement of Dr. Randeep Guleria


The Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) on Wednesday dismissed the All India Institute of Medical Sciences director Dr Randeep Guleria’s claims that a CT scan is equivalent to 300-400 x-rays and should be avoided for mild Covid-19 cases. The association has termed Guleria’s claims as “misleading”.


In an official statement, the association said CT scans are an important component of Covid diagnosis as well as determining the severity of the disease. The statement further said, Guleria’s comment is “Unscientific”, alarming and irresponsible.


As per IRAI, this is a very retrograde and was the situation 30-40 years ago. The modern CT scanners use ultra low dose CR which has radiation comparable to only 5-10 x-rays.


IRAI further said, CT scan is far more sensitive than saturation monitoring by pulse oximetry in detecting lung damage.