Ramdev brings the allopathic doctors at fix

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After yoga guru Ramdev, said during a yoga session at his Yog Gram centre in Haridwar that, he’ll ‘convert’ 1,000 allopathic doctors to Ayurveda, says Ramdev


Addressing participants assembled from across the country to participate in a yoga camp with him.Ramdev said that several allopathic holding MBBS and MD degrees were also attending the yoga camp. These are the doctors who have faced the side effects of allopathic drugs and have now turned to yoga and Ayurveda.


Dr Jayesh Lele, Genearl Secretary of IMA took on Ramdev in Covid fight, said, what do you know about allopathy? Have you ever studied it?” Dr Lele, in a sarcastic tone, questioned Ramdev during a show aired on news channel Aaj Tak on 24 May.


Dr Lele questioned the credibility of Patanjali’s Coronil — a controversial Ayurvedic drug manufactured by Ramdev-owned Patanjali, which he promotes as an effective medicine against Covid-19.


“Keep quiet, I am talking,” screamed the medico in a debate show that was broadcast a day after Ramdev withdrew his statements questioning the efficacy of allopathy medicines. Lele asked Ramdev to “just shut up” and remove the pictures and products of Coronil from the TV screen, accusing him of promoting the herbal concoction.


The IMA, which is an apex body representing more than three lakh allopathic doctors in India, had last week said criticised Ramdev’s claims that allopathy is a “stupid science” and medicines such as remdesivir, ivermectin, fabiflu and other drugs have failed to treat Covid-19 patients.


The IMA quoted Ramdev as saying that “lakhs of patients have died after taking allopathic medicines.”


Doctors across the country to observe black day on June 1 against Baba Ramdev’s remarks.


The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has also declared support to the protest. “IMA supports the black badge fight called by FORDA, FIMA and RDA and our IMA JDN members will join. IMA envision and working on to carry on 1 million free vaccinations by our members across the country,” it said.


The Federation of Resident Doctors Associations, India (FORDA) on Saturday said, even after raising objections to statements by Ramdev, “no action has been taken yet. We hereby declaring Nationwide #BlackDayProtest on 1st June,2021 at workplace, without hampering healthcare services”. “We demand unconditional open public apology from him or action against him under the relevant sections of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897,” the statement said.


An expert said, how can Ramdev Yadav said “God has given us free oxygen, why don’t we breathe that? How can there be a shortage when God has filled the atmosphere with oxygen? Fools are looking for oxygen cylinders. Just breathe the free oxygen. Why are you complaining about shortage of oxygen and beds and crematoriums?” he said.


The statement drew sharp criticism from doctors and families of Covid patients who demanded an apology. He also quoted, No one can arrest him…

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