Records broken, airport submerged, roads inundated… Still below normal rain in 4 districts of Delhi


Despite record rain in the capital, rainfall in four districts has been below normal. That is, the capital has not received the same rain everywhere. While North Delhi has received 108 percent more rainfall than normal, North-East Delhi has received 31 percent less rainfall than normal.

This is when after the heavy rains in Delhi on Saturday, the airport was flooded, the roads were flooded and the record of 77 years of rain was also broken. According to experts, there is usually not much fluctuation in the rainfall graph in the capital. There is a fluctuation in the rainfall ranging from 20 to 30 percent.

Sometimes a difference of 50 percent is also seen. But this time the rain is much more unusual. The Meteorological Department has divided the capital into 9 districts, in which 4 districts have received less than normal rainfall. Rainfall has reduced in the areas around Yamuna. Due to the rains, the capital has witnessed heavy waterlogging on Saturday.