Reminding nation of his low IQ level’: Minister of PNG


Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan slammed Congress MP Rahul Gandhi for his comments on PM Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi blamed PM Narendra Modi for the second wave of COVID-19 and said that he was an ‘event manager’.


Pradhan tweeted, “The heir presumptive of the fastest diminishing political family enterprise must realise…there is no point in…reminding the nation of his low IQ level.” He added,


“When all…are fighting [COVID-19] there’re no…signs of a sense of responsibility from opposition parties.”


Pradhan said ,while the responsible citizens of India are using the precious internet bandwidth to keep the wheels of economy churning by working from their homes, the only tangible outcome of senseless, mindless & meaningless blabbering by @RahulGandhi is the wastage of this precious resource,” Pradhan said in a tweet


The ministry has given a roadmap about producing 216 crore doses by December and how 108 crore people will be vaccinated, he said. Gandhi’s choice of words like “nautanki” for the prime minister at a time when Modi is working to curb COVID-19 is part of the toolkit’s script, the minister alleged, referring to a controversial document about targeting the government.