Retd judge accuses UP govt of negligence leads to losing his wife


A retired district judge in Lucknow in an open letter wrote about his wife’s death due to COVID-19 and alleged negligence by the state government in the matter.


According to retired judge Ramesh Chandra, despite contacting multiple government helplines, no ambulance was sent for his wife timely. Reportedly, his wife was vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.


Mrs Madhu Chandra expired at 10 am today. I had been trying to reach the authorities on their given numbers since 7 am yesterday. However, no one has picked up my calls nor has anyone visited my house to deliver the basic home-isolation medicines (for COVID-19)


The incident took place in Lucknow, where the situation is very alarming. The letter written by the former judge revealed that even the practice of admitting his wife into hospital was not initiated.