Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine installed at Bhopal Railway Station

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Bhopal railway station gets a sanitary napkin vending machine, becoming the first railway station to do it. The machine dispenses two sanitary napkins at the cost of Rs 5 only and has been installed at platform number 1 by the Railway Women Welfare Association of Bhopal.


The machine accepts Rs 5 coins.


Named ‘Happy Nari’, nearly 600 sanitary napkins were dispensed within just nine hours of installing the machine at the Bhopal railway station on January 1.


The machine has the capacity of holding 75 sanitary pads. A specially trained female staff will refill the machine. The Bhopal railway station will maintain the vending machine, according to the reports.


“We will ensure that it is well maintained. The railway will also advertise it so that female passengers are aware about the facility and can make optimum use of it,” an official said.


“This machine makes easy availability and accessibility of sanitary napkins for female passengers. Even before the inauguration, there were few women who asked us for napkins. We helped them by giving it away from the stock,” he added.

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