Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore and Young Indians, CII organize workshop on Autism

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1 in 125 children are thought to be affected with Autism. These children have special needs and many have special talents. Sankara Eye Hospital, in association with Young Indians, CII organized an “Interactive Workshop for Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum” atSankara Eye Hospital Auditorium, Varthur Main Road, Bengaluru.


The workshop saw 65 teachers and parents of Children with Autism Spectrum benefit from insights on education, dental hygiene to being able to overcome stress and create a safe environment for their children to achieve their potential.


“Recognizing the need for multidisciplinary care and the advances in understanding of Autism, the interactive session has been curated with Young Indians Bangalore and Hiral Divyansh, Occupational Therapist to bring together Special Educator, Medical Clown, Psychologist, Dentist, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist. Through the session they would know how parents of children with autism spectrum can play a proactive role to achieve their potential,” said Dr. Kaushik Murali, President, Medical Administration, Quality & Academic, Sankara Eye Hospital Bengaluru.


Sharada Shankaranarayana, Chair Masoom at Young Indians, Bangalore shared, “it is important that we ensure a safe and secure environment for all children to thrive. We are happy that through this workshop we would be able to give caregivers a perspective on child safety for children with special needs.”


Key Tips from Workshop:

  • Parents are the first teacher & also need to identify the right professionals to support the child.
  • Use different textured brushes and a zero fluoride paste for oral hygiene.
  • Use Pictures to enable children to express in non-verbal means.
  • Parallel Talk is a process where the mother talks and also talks what the child may be thinking. This not only reduces anxiety but also enables vocalization.
  • Teach your child about their private parts. Tell them any touch to the private part is unsafe.
  • No-GO-Tell Mantra. Teach them to tell No to any unsafe touch, Go away from anyone who is making them uncomfortable and Tell an adult they trust.

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