Sonata Software collaborates with Deccan Heritage Foundation, India


Bengaluru based Sonata Software has announced its collaboration with Deccan Heritage Foundation, India (DHF India) with the development of an unique platform ‘www.bidarkarez.org’ which will support DHF India’s project for restoration and revitalization of the Karez at  Bidar, Karnataka.


This new platform developed by Sonata Software was formally launched at the Annual Mirella Petteni Haggiag Lecture Series that was conducted by DHF India at Bangalore recently.


DHF is a charitable organization conceived by like-minded individuals with a vision to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of India’s Deccan region. DHF India is helping rehabilitate a 15th century Persian water management system in drought affected Bidar, Karnataka. This medieval period karez/qanat system, with its network of gradually sloping, subterranean water tunnels carved into permeable rock and accessed through vertical wells, allows for water storage and distribution to local communities. The Bidar district administrators are de-silting and reviving one of the many karez network lines in Bidar with remarkable success.


Once restored, the karez is expected to significantly improve the quality of life of the local population by increasing access to clean drinking water with minimum energy costs, and improving agricultural productivity as well. The karez will also serve as a model restoration project that combines infrastructure development with the preservation of our heritage.


One of Sonata Software’s key CSR themes is the ‘Protection of National Heritage, Art and Culture’. Sonata partners with organizations who align towards this objective by providing them technology expertise and financial grants.


 In support of DHF India’s restoration efforts, Sonata has developed a 360-degree virtual tour of the Bidar karez. The platform ‘www.bidarkarez.org’ uses still photography and video streams taken by DHF India over a four month period when water levels inside the tunnels were at a low, to provide a panoramic digital and virtual tour of the entire stretch of the karez system.


 Sonata’s platform is helping promote this unique initiative amongst students and research scholars and introduce the Deccan’s rich heritage to a new generation of Indian as well as foreign visitors.


“The collaboration with DHF India is aligned to our Social Responsibility mission – ‘Impact lives through Technology’ – with our continued commitment to sustainable cultural heritage and traditional craft practices. Our support of the Bidar karez revival will help amplify efforts towards preservation and use of a historic system,” said Srikar Reddy, CEO, Sonata Software.