SpiceJet to electrify village in Assam under CSR


As part of its CSR initiative, SpiceJet has taken up the responsibility to light up a village in Assam.

The airline aims to provide sustainable energy access through solar microgrid to the people during a period of 75 days. 

“As part of the initiative, SpiceJet will set a ‘Solar Microgrid’ on site which will help to electrify approximately 70 households, 1 school, 1 anganwadi and 2 temples, areas, besides the street lighting. The entire project is expected to be executed in around 75 days.”

Speaking on the initiative, CMD Ajay Singh said, “On occasions like these, we remember our fellow countrymen who are not as fortunate as us. This Diwali we wanted to try and light up the lives of those who have never had electricity. And so, we are helping provide electricity to the village of Baruahchuck in Assam. This is SpiceJet’s small contribution to improving the lives of the people of this village.”