Stellar offers ‘Free Data Recovery Consultation Service’ in Flood-Hit States


Stellar Data Recovery has announced a ‘Free Data Recovery Consultation Service’ for customers affected by floods in Gujarat & other north-eastern states of India, on 27th of this month. Stellar has received multiple service requests from across the country for data recovery from water-damaged devices, considering this; they have launched a free consultation service for data recovery.


And to make this easier they have also provided helpline numbers for national level as well as regional levels are given below –


The national helpline number is – ‘1800 102 3232’


Regional help line numbers:

Ahmadabad –    079 2657 5510

Kolkata –           033 4003 1206



In addition to the Free Data Recovery Consultation service, Stellar has also announced a Monsoon special offer of flat 10% off on all data recovery requests from water damaged hard drives during the monsoon season. Stellar had also helped various businesses and consumers recover from data loss situations earlier, during the 2015 Chennai floods, which were the eight-most expensive natural disasters hit the world, which severely impacted business continuity.


Speaking on the critical matter of data, Sunil Chandna, CEO – Stellar Data Recovery said, “At trying times like those during natural disasters, it is imperative that help is readily available. We understand how critical data can be and therefore have launched this free consultation service nationwide to offer relief to all customers who have been affected by this calamity.’’


There is high moisture content in the air during monsoons which poses a great risk to hard drives or other electronic data storage devices such as USB drives and memory cards that get exposed to it. Data can be permanently lost as water can cause contaminants to stick to the surface of the hard drive, which prevents data access. Long-term exposure such as that during a flood can cause severe damage. The extent of damage will impact the chances of data recovery.