Taapsee Pannnu feels ‘so-called insiders’ in the industry have never validated her films


Taapsee Pannu has said that the ‘insiders’ in the film industry have never given her validation, nor does she expect it. Earlier this year, Taapsee launched her production banner, Outsiders Films. The ‘insider-outsider debate’ erupted in the film industry after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput last year. 


In an interview, Taapsee Pannu said that she doesn’t think that being an outsider in the film industry makes a person inferior to the insiders in any way.


She said, “I’ve never seen being an outsider as any way lesser than being an insider. Being an insider or an outsider doesn’t guarantee success. My audience will make me successful; not being an insider or an outsider. So, till now, my films, whichever have worked, is because of the audience, and not because the so-called insiders validated it. No, they didn’t. They still don’t. It’s not like I expect it also, because I have reached here courtesy my audience. They went and bought my movie tickets and made it a hit.”


Taapsee also said that she’d like to work for as long as the audiences will have her, and if she senses that she has outstayed her welcome, she would like to make a ‘graceful exit’. She said, “I can’t put a calendar date on how long I can be here for. I’m going to be around for as long as I feel it is working. I want to have a graceful exit, whenever that happens.”