Tablighi Jamaat became a coronavirus hotspot in the country: Who will responsible for this ?


Coronavirus death toll in India rises to 50, total cases reach 1,965, as per the data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Thursday. Meanwhile, the death toll due to coronavirus has surged to 50 in the country. Out of the total cases reported from 29 states and Union Territories, 1,764 cases are active, while 151 patients have been cured, discharged or migrated.


However, the recent rise in coronavirus cases does not represent national trend. After 134 cases of coronavirus across India were linked to a religious congregation in Delhi’s Nizamuddin, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal said the recent rise doesn’t represent a national trend. As many as 613 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in India in last 48 hours.


Tablighi Jamaat held a religious congregation at Banglewali Masjid in Nizamuddin, which went on for days and was attended by thousands of followers from India and over 200 missionaries from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.


The number of Coronavirus cases rose sharply in Delhi on Wednesday with the Nizamuddin area emerging as a major COVID19 hotsport. The number of coronavirus patients in Delhi linked to the Tablighi Jamaat’s congregation increased 53 on Wednesday, while 617 people have been admitted to different hospitals, the Delhi Health Department said in a release.


When the leadership of Nizamuddin Markaz turned a deaf ear to the pleas of Delhi Police to vacate the area despite the health risk it posed, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval was sent to the spot at 2 am by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to get the job done.



The recent news from Pakistan is really mind blowing, as the capital of Balochistan, the government has completely sealed off two areas of the Hazara community- Hazara Town and Marriabad- as part of lockdown in the city. The government also forbade government employees from travelling into Hazara neighborhoods, and reportedly forced Hazara policemen to go on leave under suspicion they are infected by relatives, the statement said.


Many experts feels, if it is a planned act of the Muslim community on spreading the Coronavirus across the country. One can’t take on the lighter note. The intelligence is working on to establish the fact behind this.


Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi referring to the Nizamuddin Markaz event, on Wednesday, said that it is a “Talibani crime” by the Tabhlighi Jamaat and such a criminal act cannot be forgiven.


Speaking to ANI, Naqvi said: “They have put lives of many people in danger. Strict action should be taken against such people and organisations that defy government directions. “This has been done intentionally and this is unfortunate. People who are not obeying the lockdown should not be forgiven,” he added.


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced to trace mobile phones of 25,429 people asked to home quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We have given 11,084 phone numbers to the police yesterday and today we will give 14,345 phone numbers,” he added. He further said that strict action will be taken against people violating home quarantine order and the Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that 2355 people were taken out from Nizamuddin Markaz. Among them 450 were admitted to hospitals and the rest sent to quarantine centres.


Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia has said 2,361 people have been evacuated from Nizamuddin Markaz after a 36-hour exercise amid coronavirus pandemic. Of these people, 617 have been admitted to hospital while the rest have been quarantined. “Medical staff, administration, police, DTC staff worked together in this 36-hour operation, putting their lives at risk. Hats off to them


The Delhi Police have released a video of its warning to the senior members of Nizamuddin Markaz to vacate the premises and follow the coronavirus lockdown guidelines. The video, which was shot on March 23 at the Hazrat Nizamuddin SHO’s office, shows the police warning the Markaz members of strict legal action if they continue to ignore repeated police requests.


The South Delhi Municipal Corporation on Wednesday sanitised the Nizamuddin Markaz and nearby areas after a religious event was held at the premises in March. Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that 2,361 people have been evacuated from the Nizamuddin Markaz following a 36-hour-long exercise. Notably, several people who attended the event were found to have Covid-19.


In Box: COVID19 positive cases rise to 152 in Delhi, 335 in Maharashtra


About Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Saad: an event organized by an Islamic group, Tablighi Jamaat, in March is giving sleepless nights to authorities as it became a coronavirus hotspot in the country. Possibly infected with COVID-19, the attendees travelled miles setting off fears of community transmission.


At the center of this storm is Maulana Saad Khandhlawi, the absconding chief of Jamaat.


Saad was born on May 10, 1965, in Western Uttar Pradesh’s Kandhla town. His great-grandfather Muhammad Iliyas was the founder of Jamaat. The Jamaat promotes tenets of Islam as taught by Prophet Mohammad like Kalimah (declaration of faith), Salat (five times prayers), Ilm-o-Zikr (knowledge), Ikraam-e-Muslim (Respect of Muslim), Ikhlas-e-Niyyat (Sincerity of intention) and Tafrigh-i-Waqt (sparing time). He had received education from his father, then went to Deoband. Saad became the chief of Tablighi Jamaat, but his elevation was controversial, to say the least.

The result widespread of Corona is coming from various state results :


Uttarakhand govt quarantines 173 who attended Tablighi events over the last 28 days. The state has also identified 713 people who visited Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz or arrived in Uttarakhand from other states since January 1. No one from the list of 713 will be left unverified, police said.


 Andhra Pradesh: 43 new positive #COVID19 cases detected in Andhra Pradesh since 9 PM on 31st March till 9 AM today. With this, the total number of positive cases in the state has increased to 87: Nodal Officer, Andhra Pradesh 43 new Covid-19 cases in Andhra in 12 hours. 

Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu on Wednesday reported 110 more coronavirus cases, all of whom had attended Tablighi Jamaat’s conference in Delhi. This takes the state’s tally to 234, of which 190 people have been to the meet. State Health Secretary Beela Rajesh said 1,103 people who attended the conference came forward for tests following a request from the state to self-declare.



Delhi, novel Coronavirus cases have risen to 152, the government said. In Maharashtra, the number of Coronavirus  positive cases rose 335. A resident of Dharavi in Mumbai, who was tested positive for the infection died on Wednesday evening.


West Bengal:


The report from West Bengal says, 71 people from the state attended the event at Markaz Nizamuddin. 54 people out of 71 have been put under quarantine. If anyone visited Markaz, they must inform the authorities. There is nothing to be scared of: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.


Recently, PM Modi said in the video conference with all chief ministers,asked for ideas on how to implement a “staggered reemergence” of the people once the lockdown ends.