Team India’s Grand Welcome at ITC Maurya: Rohit Sharma’s Drum Dance Highlight

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Today, Team India received a spectacular reception at the iconic ITC Maurya in New Delhi, celebrating their triumphant T20 World Cup victory. The event was marked by fervent cheers and jubilation as fans and officials gathered to honor the champions.

A standout moment from the celebration was when Rohit Sharma, the dynamic captain of Team India, delighted everyone with his spontaneous drum dance. With infectious energy and rhythm, Rohit Sharma showcased his joyful spirit, joining in the festivities and adding a vibrant touch to the evening.

The entire team was warmly welcomed amidst cheers and applause, reflecting the nation’s pride in their remarkable achievement. The event at ITC Maurya underscored the unity and excitement surrounding Team India’s historic win, symbolizing a moment of shared joy and celebration for cricket enthusiasts nationwide.


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