Tenable’s MSSP portal empowers partners to build vulnerability management services in the cloud


Kartik Shahani
Country Manager, Tenable India 

“Earlier this year, Tenable enhanced its MSSP portal to supercharge partners’ cloud-based vulnerability management offerings with Tenable.io. The updated portal enables MSSPs to self-provision and self-service their own Tenable.io instances, up to 1,000 assets, empowering partners to build and launch vulnerability management services in the cloud within minutes. We also announced Tenable.ep, the industry’s first, all-in-one, risk-based vulnerability management platform designed to scale as dynamic compute requirements change. Most recently, Tenable announced the availability of Tenable.ad to secure Active Directory environments and disrupt one of the most common attack paths in both advanced persistent threats and common hacks.

Complementing Digital India

The Indian government’s focus on increased digitisation of government services requires a complex mix of digital computing platforms and assets. Digitisation enables easy access to government services but it also increases the potential of cyberattacks. Tenable’s Cyber Exposure platform uniquely provides the breadth of visibility into cyber risk across IT, Cloud, IoT, OT and AD environments and the depth of analytics to measure and communicate cyber risk in business terms to make better strategic decisions.”