The Giving Economy Conclave gives effect to the principle of ‘For it is in giving, that we receive’


The Giving Economy Conclave (GEC) was launched with much enthusiasm and a curtain-raiser at a special event organized in Mumbai. The event was inaugurated by Chet Jain – CEO Crowdera; Triveni Acharya – Co-founder of Rescue Foundation and Sandeep Nath, the famous Bollywood lyricist.


The launch event organized by Crowdera, the only commission free crowd funding platform, also saw the first ever GEC Change Maker Awards being presented to well-known names like Triveni Acharya; Gauri Sawant from Sakhi Char Chaugh and a holder of Presidential Award; Ajit Barse from Slum Soccer Foundation; Sacheen Gandhi from Medicine Baba Trust; Shalabh Sahai from iVolunteer and Sandeep Nath; Maya Vishwakarma; Radha Krishna Prabhu from Annamitra; Srudipta Tagore; Rusen Kumar from India CSR; and Rishi Raj from Muskaan. The awards accolade the recognition of their contribution to the society by aligning to and leaving an impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Chet Jain shared the outlines of GEC 2019, GEC’s five-year plan and its envisioned impact on community. Speaking on the GEC launch Jain said, “Crowdera and its partners are building a map for the further evolution of abundance in the economy and taking it around the globe, starting with Singapore in 2019 with the Giving Economy Conclave to further magnify the impact in South East Asia. With far-sighted vision fostered with prudent actions, the impact of this initiative will see a lasting ripple effect” Continuing, he shared the highlights of the upcoming grant, wherein over US$ 100 million in value to support social enterprises and nonprofits aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are set to be invested in 100 new startups, both for profit and nonprofit over the next five years. The project is lined in partnership with the forerunners of different industries worldwide such as Amazon Inc.”


The grants are set to launch in 5 tranches of $20M for specific causes in East Asian and South East Asian regions. The first grant of $20M was announced during the GEC event for Indian Nonprofit Startups and Social Enterprises. Entities started in last 5 years are eligible for the grant. Up to 2000 nonprofit startups and social enterprise startups will be able to take advantage of this grant in next 3 years. Applications will go live on Crowdera Foundations website starting December 10th 2018.  For Jain, giving is good for businesses as well, and charitable donations puts the company in the positive light.


From insightful talks from the chief guests to the emotional moment when, Gauri Sawant’s transgender associate ShriSwara was invited to share her courageous journey and indispensable contribution made in the challenging field of work.


Talking about the latest initiative Nani Ka Ghar, ShriSwara said, “With this initiative we now have almost 10 kids from the Red Light Area that are being looked after, loved and educated by elder women. These women who are full of wisdom, yet left with no energy to work on the streets are taking care of these kids and are paid from our end. In this way both sides get a brighter life. Kids get a home and elderly women find joy in raising them with love and care.”