The Suryaa organizes Global Hand Washing Day in Delhi


The Suryaa celebrated “Global Hand Washing Day” at NGO “Save the Children” School, at Khizrabad New Delhi 16th October, wherein fifty 6–12-year-old underprivileged children participated in the activities.


This year’s theme for the activities was “Our Hands, Our Future”, reminding us that hand washing protects our own health, but also allows us to build our own future, as well as those of our communities, and the world. Following were the activities conducted at the NGO.


1.       Kids were shown a small presentation on the importance of hand washing, when and how to wash hands.

2.       “Tug o’ war” game was played with kids. One team played as soap, water and hands. The second team played as germs to test each other’s strength.

3.        A dance on seven-step hand washing and one small movie “SWACHHTA AND KHUSHHALI” was shown to the kids.

4.       A small activity of colouring handprints was organized among the kids.

5.        Soap bars, pencil boxes, week timetable of hand wash were distributed among the kids.

6.       At the end, all kids took a pledge holding coloured hand prints in hands. 


It was an initiative “The Suryaa” along with “Save the Children”. In this initiative titled “Our Hands, Our Future”, children and young adults joined their creative forces and took their creativity to the runway. Hand washing is an affordable, effective way to achieve these goals. Efforts on Global Hand Washing Day were to promote the benefits and practice of hand washing with soap, as well as fostering access to and improving hygiene facilities. 


Commenting on the same, Dhananjay Kumar, General Manager, The Suryaa, shared his thoughts on this event. He said, “The Suryaa has always endeavoured to partner with or initiate events that can bring a positive change in the society. I am glad to be a part of Suryaa’s initiative to highlight the importance of maintaining good hygiene. On the Global Hand Washing Day we impressed upon the children at NGO ‘Save the Children’ about the linkage of good health with clean hands. Children have a tendency to pass on their good learnings to their friends and family, which I believe will help in taking this message to a wider audience. A healthier India would lead to the creation of a happier India.”