Time to move to create National Judicial Infrastructure Authority: CJI

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the Joint Conference of CM of the States & Chief Justices of High Courts.

N V Ramana, Chief Justice of India while speaking at a joint conference of chief ministers of various states and chief justices of High Courts at Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the discussion.

CJI N V Ramana dispelled the apprehensions that the proposed body aims at usurping the powers of any Government and shared that National Judicial Infrastructure Authority would have representation from all the stakeholders, including the representatives of the Central and State Governments.

CJI expressed the time has come to move from ad-hoc committees to a more streamlined, accountable and organised structure by creating a National Judicial Infrastructure Authority for the standardisation and improvement of judicial infrastructure which currently needs urgent attention, Chief Justice of India N V Ramana said on Saturday.

“I am of the firm belief that judicial infrastructure, both in terms of personnel and physical infrastructure, needs urgent attention…. There is a severe gap between the existing infrastructure and the projected justice needs of the people,” CJI remarked.

“It must however be acknowledged that it is the judiciary which best understands its own needs and requirements. Hence, the present proposal aims to bring infrastructure development under the supervision of special purpose vehicles to be headed by respective chief justices, and involve the representatives of the central and State Governments,” the CJI said.

In the joint  conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that justice should be delivered swiftly and be made easily available to everyone. Be mindful of ‘lakshman rekha’ while discharging duty, says Chief Justice of India NV Ramana:

The Constitution provides separation of power among three organs and the harmonious function between three organs strengthens democracy,” Ramana said, reported PTI. “He further said that “deliberate inaction by governments” despite court judgements was not in the best interest of the country’s democracy.

CJI Ramana also spoke about the rampant misuse of public interest litigations “to stall projects” or “to put pressure on authorities”.” It [public interest litigation] has turned into personal interest litigation, and is used to settle personal scores,” the Chief Justice of India said. “The rising number of frivolous litigations is an area of concern.

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