Traffic violation fines could shoot up almost five times or more


Traffic violation fines will now shoot up drastically as the new Motor Vehicles Bill is expected to be presented in the upcoming Parliament session. The bill was formed after 2019 general elections and has been approved by the cabinet. After the Lok Sabha cleared in 2017, it was still pending in the Rajya Sabha. 


The expected changes in the fines could be as follows –


  • Drinking-and-driving – From Rs 2,000 the fine will shoot up to Rs 10,000
  • Driving without a license – From Rs 500 the fine will be raised to Rs Rs 5,000
  • Speeding above the limit – From Rs 400 the fine will rise to Rs 1,000
  • Driving without wearing seat belts – From Rs 100 the fine will go up to Rs 1,000
  • Rash driving – Will be fined Rs 5,000
  • Operating cellphone – will see a fine of Rs 5,000
  • In case of an accident, compensation up to Rs 2 lakh will be provided to the victim instead of Rs 25,000 now.
  • If a Juvenile is involved in an accident, the parents or the guardians will be held accountable unless proven innocent
  • All road users now get compulsory insurance for certain accidents, but a six-month time limit has been placed on claims
  • Aadhar is now compulsory for applying for driving licenses and vehicle registrations.
  • The time limit for renewing your license will increase to a year before or after the expiry date.
  • A Motor Vehicle Accident Fund will provide cover to victims of accidents and a provision for the protection of Good Samaritans has also been made.
  • The contractors, civic bodies and consultants will be held accountable for accidents arising out of faulty road design.
  • Manufacturers are also more liable now. Cars with sub-standard components or engines will have to be recalled, failing which a Rs 500 crore fine will be charged
  • Special vehicles will be tailor-made for differently-abled people
  • The new bill removes the cap of liability for third party insurance and gives a maximum liability for Rs 10 lakh in case of death and Rs 5 lakh for major injuries