Trends in distributed ledger technology in 2021


It is thankful to see COVID19 cases are dropping in India, but it is expected that the worst is still behind us. As the Indian economy restarts its engines, we want to ensure we do our best to enable Indian organizations to bounce back, and put their customers and employees at the centre of their reopening plans.


We have witnessed how Fintech is empowering every sector of the economy. At the same time, the financial sector will have to concentrate on offering a high-quality customer experience. The FinTech industry must evolve powerful solutions as customers engage more and more through various channels.


With more people turning to FinTech digital solutions for their finances, the FinTech industry will see tremendous growth in 2021 and is expected to be marked by remarkable adaptation and transformation.


88% of IT leaders say workloads have increased in the past 12 months. 60% of IT leaders who said their workload increased have noted an increase of more than half. Digital-first behavior is here to stay as customers develop new habits that will last for the long term.


As digital engagement grows, customers expect companies to digitize their operations for multichannel, high-touch interactions. With this, we have seen a biggest shift of digital assets from a speculative fascination among cyberpunks to a mainstream institutional investment is forcing financial institutions to adapt rapidly.


We expect this activity to intensify in 2021 as new services are brought into the market to satisfy the exploding interest. As financial institutions continue their digital transformation journey and integrate this new asset class, distributed ledger solutions will also help streamline middle and back-office operations while creating new business opportunities in open banking and peer-to- peer activities.