UK PM is ready to get injected with coronavirus on live TV: Former aide

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have been willing to inject himself with the novel coronavirus as he was so sceptical COVID-19 was a threat and described it as the new swine flu last February.


“He told everyone, ‘I am going to get Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty to inject me with coronavirus so everybody knows there’s nothing to be frightened of’,” Cummings said.



Cummings said that officials worried Johnson would not have been constructive in planning for the severity of the pandemic had he chaired emergency “COBR” meetings.


“The view of various officials inside Number 10 was, if we have Prime Minister chairing COBR meetings and he just tells everyone this is swine flu, don’t worry about it and I’m going to get (Chief Medical Officer) Chris Whitty to inject me live on TV with coronavirus … that would not help,” Cummings told lawmakers.

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