UK’s MOD confirms of Russia using strictly regulated thermobaric missiles


UK’s Ministry of Defence said that Russia has confirmed the use of strictly regulated thermobaric rockets in its ongoing attack against Ukraine. The missile is seen as one of the deadliest on the modern-day battlefield, so much so its use is strictly regulated.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that previous footage had shown Moscow was using the TOS-1A against Ukraine, and if Putin was to use this against civilians it would be illegal.

According to Military Today, the TOS-1A was adopted by the Russian Army in 2001 and is capable of launching the deadly thermobaric missiles.

As more and more footage emerges of Russia’s remorseless attacks on Ukrainian cities and its people, Defence and national security commentator Charlie Gao described the weapons as “are very useful weapons for a military that might be going into urban combat with little regard for collateral damage.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted out a video that showed the aftermath of a Russian bombing of a maternity hospital. The hospital complex in Mariupol reportedly had children buried under the rubble according to Zelensky.

The footage showed the inside of the maternity hospital reduced to rubble, where walls had been blown out and windows shattered.

Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine’s cities but has failed to take them, or the capital yet even after two weeks of having started the invasion. The cities of Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Mariupol are all surrounded by Russian forces, and subject to some of the most brutal shelling and missile strikes.

However, Ukraine’s air defences have had “considerable success” according to the Ministry of Defence, against Russian aircrafts.