UP MLA scolds official for bulldozing house in Ballia, says CM said homes of poor shouldn’t be razed


In a video that has gone viral on social media, UP MLA Ketki Singh can be seen scolding an official for running a bulldozer over a poor family’s home. Later, speaking to the media, she said that UP CM Yogi Adityanath had made it clear that the homes of the poor should not be razed.

As ‘bulldozer politics’ continues to rage in India, now a video of a BJP MLA scolding an official in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia for bulldozing the home of a poor family has emerged on social media.

In the video, BJP MLA Ketki Singh can be heard saying, “I said one thing to you, why didn’t you respect it? You brought a bulldozer? If this is the respect you show, my people will give the same back to you. You used the strength of a bulldozer, we will use the strength of words.”

A man sitting next to hear, purportedly a relative of those whose house was bulldozed, screamed at the official and said, “When the MLA said stop, you should have stopped. What do you think of yourself

Later, when asked about the video by some reporters, MLA Ketki Singh explained, “Some people came and told me that officials reached their home without notice and bulldozed it, damaging some parts of it. The family’s ancestors had built the house without knowing it was government land. Our CM has made it very clear that the homes of the poor cannot be razed.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav also posted a section of the video in which the tehsildar can be seen being scolded by MLA Ketki Singh and others. In his tweet, he said that the common people whose homes are being destroyed out of malice should be given adequate compensation