US Says it Encourages a transparent process for NGOs in India


Ahead of the US-based donor NGO Compassion International shutting down its India operations, the US has called for a transparent Indian process for foreign NGOs, which it said has been facing ‘significant challenges’ in the last few years.

“NGOs do valuable work overseas. Certainly these countries and governments have their own reasons for the laws they pass, but we believe it should be transparent and clear why they’re shutting down these organisations,” the State Department’s acting spokesman Mark Toner said at a news conference.

Toner expressed concern over the Christian charity closing down its operations in Indian and said that the US will take up the matter with the Indian government.

“When a group like Compassion International, which we believe is doing important work in India and is closed down, it’s a matter of concern. Certainly, we will raise that with the Indian government”.