Vicky Kaushal Reacts to Content Creator Who ‘Cracked’ Viral ‘Tauba Tauba’ Dance Step

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Mumbai, India — Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal has responded to a content creator who went viral after “finally cracking” the dance step of the chartbuster ‘Tauba Tauba’ from the upcoming film ‘Bad Newz’. The popular song, featuring vocals by Punjabi singer Karan Aujla, has already amassed over 30 million views.

Content creator Yuvraj Dua captured the internet’s attention with his energetic and humorous rendition of the dance step. Ecstatic with his achievement, Yuvraj documented his version in an Instagram reel, where he incorporated the dance move into everyday activities. In one segment, Yuvraj performed the step while shopping for groceries, asking the shopkeeper for items in the ‘Tauba Tauba’ style. In another, he humorously attempted to clean the floor following his mother’s instructions while executing the dance move.

Yuvraj’s reel not only went viral but also caught the attention of Vicky Kaushal himself. In a playful response, Yuvraj urged social media users to tag Kaushal, claiming there was now “competition in the market.”

The actor’s reaction to the video further fueled its popularity, highlighting the widespread appeal of the ‘Tauba Tauba’ dance craze. Fans and followers of both Kaushal and Yuvraj Dua have been eagerly sharing and commenting on the content, enjoying the blend of Bollywood glamour and everyday humor.

As ‘Tauba Tauba’ continues to dominate the music charts and social media platforms, the interaction between Vicky Kaushal and Yuvraj Dua adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement for fans, showcasing the power of social media in bridging the gap between celebrities and their admirers.


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