Vivekdeep- a Social Outreach Program


Since Apr 2014, Vivekdeep, a project under Sri Ramakrishna Sangha (a registered trust working consistently at the grass root level according to the philanthropic ideologies of Swami Vivekananda, in letter and spirit)is addressing the issue of lack of Value Education in the syllabus of schools run by Municipal Corporation of Delhi, in a unique manner. Students of these schools are mostly slum dwellers and are a deprived lot with no exposure to Value Education whatsoever. Also, they soon drop out in search of jobs. Since they are more exposed to the vagaries of harsh life right from childhood, there’s ample chance for them to get drifted from the main stream and give way to unscrupulous mode of living.

Vivekdeep’s innovative approach

Our students are taught Value Education through Mathematics, General Science and English Language, daily during off-school hours. Meditation is an important part of the syllabus that helps accentuate the power of concentration and cognitive skills. Added to this, some fun activities keep the learners physically agile. Thus, our mode of teaching is aimed at ‘Holistic development’ of the students through Collaborative Learning, encompassing their physical, mental and intellectual faculties. Our innovation produces self-confident and responsible citizens from the deprived section of the society.

Current Stage of the project

Currently, the project “Vivekdeep” is run from a makeshift factory workshop at Dwarka, New Delhi for boys (6-14yrs). The students are given complete summer and winter uniforms including shoes and socks. A specially designed syllabus of English, Mathematics and Science is taught through Moral Values. History, EVS, Communication Skills, Games and Music are also part of our syllabus. As breakfast, milk and fruits are given to these malnourished students daily. Medical check-ups are done regularly and educational tours are conducted once a year. This enterprise, aimed at holistic development of the learners, is offered free of cost and is solely run by the donation of some highly motivated persons.

Project Outcome

The curriculum at Vivekdeep is specially designed to show tangible results at the following levels:

Individual Level -Vivekdeep aims to develop responsible citizens with deep rooted respect for all the cultures and religions. The students are being groomed to become a well-rounded personality with self-confidence, discipline, moral strength, and physical and mental agility.

Societal Level – Contribution of Vivekdeep towards society is in the form of developing socially aware citizens with a strong passion to spread the light of knowledge in and around, thereby create a better place to live in.

National Level –Vivekdeep is expected to contribute to National Literacy Mission (NLM) by grooming the children as intellectually sharp, physically strong and morally bold.

Impact Analysis

Within this short span Vivekdeep-has touched around 1000 lives. Our students’ self-confidence and respectfulness is vouched by their parents and neighbors. Their academic excellence and greater team spirit have also been noticed by theirschool teachers. More parents now want their daughters also to get enrolled in this programwhich is the need of the hour.