Vocational degree must be given equal weightage as regular degree, feels Sisodiya


Delhi Deputy CM and Education Minister Manish Sisodia, while speaking to the media raised issues of students taking vocational courses. He said that universities like Delhi University etc., are not treating those students equally to the students taking a regular degree.


The minister in a press meet raised the question of how the goal of giving a push to vocational education as mentioned in the new National Education Policy can be achieved when the system does not respect those with skill education.


He further added that students with vocational subjects or skill-based subjects in class 12 face disadvantage in admissions in instititions like Delhi University as the students pursuing Bachelor of Vocational courses are also not treated equally to the other graduates.

He also pointed out that these students do not get equal opportunities in higher education or jobs and they are also not eligible to appear for the Civil Service examinations too.


The New Education Policy which was earlier approved by the Cabinet has noted that vocational education is perceived to be inferior to mainstream education and meant largely for the students unable to cope with the same.


The NEP also aims to overcome the social status hierarchy associated with vocational education and requires the integration of vocational education programmes into mainstream education in all the educational institutions in phases.