Vodafone to make ‘Mandi Shivratri’ festivities a safer and convenient experience


Reaffirming its deep bond with Himachal Pradesh, Vodafone India, one of India’s leading service providers, is all set to make ‘Mandi Shivratri’, one of the biggest festivals in Himachal Pradesh, a safer and convenient experience for droves of visitors who come to take part in the festivities. For this, Vodafone has come up with multiple initiatives which will enhance the safety and convenience of visitors.


For a third year running, Vodafone has joined hands with local police and introduced Vodafone-powered data-enabled helpline number and free calling facility at Vodafone booth/stall which will be available to visitors during the entire duration of Mandi Shivratri celebrations at Paddal Ground in Mandi from February 15th to February 21st , 2018.


Elaborating on these initiatives, Arvind Nevatia, Business Head, HP, Punjab, and J&K, Vodafone India said, “As a socially responsible organisation, it’s a constant endeavour by Vodafone to find ways and opportunities to further its technology and communications expertise for social good. Mandi Shivratri is an event of great religious, cultural, historical and sentimental importance to the people of the region. Continuing from last year, we have joined hands with the local police for a third year running to assist them in maintaining highest safety levels at ‘Mandi Shivratri’. While we hope no untoward situation arises during the festivities, but in case it does, we wanted people to be prepared for it and hence have provided these communication solutions for facilitating quick contact with police.”


To enable the large number of people visiting Mandi Shivratri to contact police in case of any exigency, Vodafone has joined hands with local police and provided them with a Vodafone-powered data-enabled helpline number. The number has been advertised and broadcast across Paddal Ground in Mandi, the venue for Mandi Shivratri celebrations, to ensure visibility and awareness. With the number being data-enabled, people can also send photograph or video on that number through WhatsApp if they need to report anything suspicious. Further, the free calling facility at Vodafone booths will aid visitors in staying connected with their loved ones and associates.