Vodafone unveils Mobile Vans as part of its Ashadh initiative


Vodafone India has unveiled its ritual Ashadh initiative, with two ‘Vodafone Mobile Vans’ set to join lakhs of pilgrims on their annual padayatra to Pandharpur. As has been the practice for the past five years, these ‘Vodafone Mobile Vans’ will travel with the Warkaris all through their journey from Pune to Pandharpur. One van each will accompany the Warkaris on the Palkhi routes of Tukaram Maharaj and Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.


The ‘Vodafone Mobile Vans’ are equipped with free calling facility, mobile phone charging points, recharge vouchers and M-Pesa money transfer service to help the Warkaris stay in touch with their loved ones throughout the duration of their journey. The Warkaris will be able to make use of the facilities at all halting points of the Palkhi on the way to Pandharpur. Each van is equipped with 8 phones and over 50 charging points for the convenience of Warkaris.


Additionally, this year the Vodafone Mobile Vans will also be equipped an LED screen that will stream live content such as news, bhakti bhajans and religious movies through Vodafone Play – Vodafone’s single destination for entertainment. Warkaris can now not only stay updated with news and but also get wholesome entertainment on the go.


Since its association with the Pandharpur Yatra in 2013, Vodafone has assisted lakhs of people with free calls through the ‘Vodafone Mobile Vans’ initiative.


The ‘Vodafone Mobile Vans’ were unveiled at the hands of the trustees of Tukaram Maharaj and Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhis in presence of Ashish Chandra, Business Head, Maharashtra & Goa Circle, Vodafone India.


Speaking about the initiative Ashish Chandra said, “Vodafone is proud to associate with the Pandharpur Yatra for the sixth year in a row. The annual yatra is a one-of-its-kind pilgrimage that brings almost all of Maharashtra together, with lakhs of devotees from different towns in the state joining in the 450 kms journey by foot. Vodafone is extremely happy to support the Pandharpur Yatra with our ‘Vodafone Mobile Vans’ initiative that keeps the Warkaris constantly connected with their loved ones. This year Vodafone Play will provide wholesome entertainment to the warkaris during their halts. All through the 21 day long arduous trek, the Warkaris have strength in knowing that Vodafone’s seamless, uninterrupted and reliable network is on hand to ensure they are always in touch. Going forward, we look forward to continuing our endeavour to enhance the spiritual experience of the Warkaris.”