VSP enforces runtime protection across the web, host and memory for a zero-trust approach”


Bobby Gupta, SVP & MD-International Business, Virsec


Measures to be taken for Cyber threats  

Fundamentally, conventional security tries to solve yesterday’s problem such as protecting the perimeter, identifying known attacks, and relying on patching to cure all ills. With the explosion of cloud deployments, mobile apps, and virtual infrastructure, a mindset focused on the perimeter and the user remains dangerously obsolete.

Proficient attackers are increasingly finding it easier to bypass conventional security tools to target undefended blind spots, attacking critical application runtime elements, and at the memory level. Runtime has become the new security battleground, yet most of our defences have no visibility or control across the runtime infrastructure. Hence, in order to stay ahead of the curve, Enterprise organizations  runtime protection across the web, host and memory for a zero-trust approach thus ensuring that applications never get derailed, regardless of threats, vulnerabilities, or patch status.  concerned about “Zero trust” need to focus security on protecting Runtime as Application/Server Workloads execute. Virsec Security Platform (VSP) enforces

Solutions for sophisticated attacks.

Virsec Security Platform is designed to provide continuous application-aware workload protection at runtime from the inside without prior knowledge, which AI and ML based tools tend to miss.  It stops common and zero-day attacks at the earliest point in the threat cycle no matter how they manifest thus preventing exploits from metastasizing and exerting damage downstream.

Here’s how VSP stops advanced attacks:

Accurate, Practical, and Effective Approach: Unlike other solutions that depend on behavioural and heuristics rules for detecting attacks, VSP relies on a deterministic app-centric approach for detecting and protecting against advanced cyberattacks with no tuning, no noise, and no signatures.

Complete Runtime Visibility: VSP maintains full awareness across the application stack covering all software elements (files, scripts libraries) used during execution as it relates to   web, host, memory, and container images, Application Awareness: With patented AppMap technology, VSP maps all elements and what applications are allowed to do and stop deviations instantly before any damage occurs to ensure zero dwell-time and control flow integrity across all applications and components. Comprehensive Protection: VSP is designed to safeguard applications, including COTS, customs, legacy, third-party, SCADA, within all environments including on-premise, virtual, hybrid, cloud, & containers. Advanced Ransomware Protection: VSP precisely detects complex, never seen ransomware attacks upon the first insurgency within milliseconds and instantly executes protective actions that stop attacks and prevent any disruption or data theft.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Protection: With VSP, you can effectively prevent highly sophisticated supply-chain attacks from exploiting application runtime and memory to ensure malicious code never executes, and without isolating or unplugging the system until the patches are available. Virsec’s app-aware workload protection uniquely enables Zero Trust runtime protection against sophisticated attacks.