Ways to deal with china


As I wrote yesterday, why is our government silent on the killing of our soldiers in Galvan Valley? He is still silent. Late in the night it was only reported that 20 of our soldiers were killed and some were injured. No official data has yet been revealed about how many Chinese soldiers were killed, but Indian channels and newspapers are speculating that more than 40 Chinese soldiers have been killed. The number of Chinese dying is double, this news may cause some ointment on our wounds, but one thing is certain.


Our wounds may cause some ointment, but one thing is certain. That is, there seems to be a big difference between the thinking of the soldiers of the two countries on the frontier and the leaders of the two countries. Our leaders are silent but the Chinese leaders are not saying anything. Spokesmen of both sides are speaking.


The two are accusing each other’s soldiers of violating the border. If this incident is exactly like this, then the governments of both countries can start a dialogue among themselves by calling it an unfortunate mishap. The matter is so serious that the Prime Minister of India and the President of China should have spoken yesterday. If we keep talking to foreign leaders on the pretext of Corona or other petty opportunities, then the issue is such that the whole of India is boiling over it.


The government is already in trouble in Corona’s crisis, now the opposition has got a new excuse to attack the 56-inch chest. If the government believes that the top leadership of China is behind this scandal in Galvan valley and has no remorse, then it needs to take a new edge on foreign policy.


Business and diplomatic relations with China at the government level should be maintained as they are, but the public should deliberately start a boycott of Chinese goods. We should also take up the case of Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan and Sinkyang (Uygar Muslims). Even in organizations of three-four nations like BRICS, SCO and RIC, where India and China are their members,May India keep her head sharp Protect the neighboring nations from getting caught in the trap of ‘Silk Mahapath’ and being indebted to China. Removes all restrictions on the Dalai Lama. If China tells Arunachal for itself, then why should we not talk about liberating Tibet, Sinkyang and Inner Mongolia?


If China does not grant visas to our Arunachalis, then we should stop giving visas to Han Chinese of Tibet, Sinkyang and Inner Mongolia. China has a capital of 26 billion dollars in India. That should be discouraged. But before taking such extreme steps, our foreign ministry must recognize the real intentions of China.