WFH concept needed stronger logistics system


Vipul Datta
CEO, FutureSoft Solutions


Expanding Service Offerings 

Last mile enablement or WFH concept needed a stronger logistics system in place to ensure multi location delivery however making these devices access the work is managed via process driven centralised system of technology associates. We partnered with multiple logistics companies to expand our reach to deliver on multiple locations and invested in a dedicated backend remote enablement process to ensure timely onboarding of new devices / employees based on role based access to the business application and information to achieve high productivity for each user and business.

Available Solutions to Penetrate

A true blue WFH or WFA solution requires a strong backend system comprising adequate capacity / role-based access / Murli factor user and device authentication as well as constant monitoring of application performance and securing the data on device and on network. Fspl offers a holistic solution which we have built with our key 7 OEM’s to achieve safest / fastest access of information by users without compromising the productivity / availability and security of the data.

Expanding Service Offerings Strategic Plans In 2021

We aren’t targeting all customer verticals but continue to focus on enabling our client across verticals for ensuring high availability of system access, application availability and security of Business & data. We are only engaging with clients who are looking at SI’s to deliver and manage the solution in totality and have a very healthy funnel for the next 12-18 months.

Best Suited OEMS’s Partner Programmes

We have given inputs to all our OEM partners and expect them to align their internal licensing / mobilisation programs focused on OPEX based consumption and extended credit lines as one thing the current environment has done is that it has put cash flow under pressure for one and all. If we can offer a flexible and use based consumption plan which could be deployed on premise or from cloud, we believe customers will continue to favour investing in such innovative and dynamic payment plan driven technology adoption programs.