What can we conclude from the silence of China ?


After the encounter in the Galvan valley, there is so much chaos in India. Our Foreign Minister, Defense Minister and the Prime Minister have to be cleared on the Safai, the Prime Minister’s Office has to clean the Prime Minister’s cleanliness even more, the opposing parties are being questioned and innocent people are being questioned and the people of India are being questioned. Is that its mercury is being offered.

Opponent parties are being questioned and innocent people are being questioned and the people of India are getting their mercury. Netizens are demonstrating everywhere, burning effigies of the Chinese President, making sounds of boycott of Chinese goods.


Many of our TV anchors lose their temper in anger. Seeing the scenes of the last visits of our 20 soldiers killed brutally, which was very painful death for the soldiers , the eyes of crores of people are filled with tears. But let us see what is happening in China? The President or Prime Minister of China has not even opened his mouth to the murder of Galvan.


His foreign minister has given up in response to the charge of our foreign minister, alleging that Indian soldiers have violated the Line of Actual Control. They do not do that. The two Foreign Ministers spoke of protecting their sovereignty and advised each other to maintain peace on the border?


Neither anti-India protests are taking place in China, nor have the TV channels and newspapers made it their biggest news nor is any Chinese institution talking about boycott of Indian goods. The Chinese government is absolutely silent. Have you thought why? Find the answer in the statement of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which he gave in the multi-party meeting.


He said that no one has entered our border and no part of our land is occupied. Modi did not utter a word against China. That is why China has not done anything. This statement seems like that of Chinese President Xi Chin Fing, not of Narendra Modi. He did not, but his spokesman said that China has not violated any line.


So far, the country does not know exactly what has happened in the Galvan valley. I raised this question the very first day. When Modi was presenting his explanation, what were the leaders snoring? Modi should have sat with key leaders and told them all the truth and if necessary, he would have made provision to keep them confidential. The situation can still be handled.

PM Modi should speak directly to Chinese President Xi. Both leaders express grief and remorse at this local and sudden skirmish. If they do not do this then it will be assumed that the personal relationship between the two was pure gimmick. This situation will be very heavy for Modi, not for Xi. BJP’s finger on Nehru will be cut off forever.