WHO wants India to lead Coronavirus fight like Smallpox and Polio


With the increasing number of coronavirus patients in the country, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged India to guide the world and show the way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO also mentioned that despite being a densely populated country, India had earlier eradicated two pandemics namely Smallpox and Polio.


WHO lauds India’s decision to impose Lockdown


WHO lauded the Centre’s decision to impose a lockdown in 75 affected districts of India besides suspending trains, buses and metros. According to Dr. Roderico Ofrin- the Regional Emergencies Director, WHO South-East Asia, India’s response to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus was “comprehensive” and “robust”. 


He opined that the lockdown and suspension of public transport services reflected India’s resolve to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr.Ofrin noted that these measures could help slow down virus transmission. At the same time, he stressed that this needed to be complemented by effective steps to isolate, test, treat and trace.