Why successful leaders are into Media Business?


The battle for media attention is catching the eye of every successful leaders. As digital medium is getting into more clusters and most of the content are similar to the original one, with only difference in the perception, there has been a dynamic shift from digital to print publications. On-demand content consumption has changed the game for every business.

With the recent decision of Marc Benioff, Salesforce, co-founder acquiring Time Magazine for $190 Million, he has become the next leader after Jeff Bezos, Founder – Amazon.com who completed the acquisition of The Washington Post for $250 million in 2013.

With enterprises focusing mostly on content marketing and user experience, the opportunity seems promising in the section of content creation and distribution as a marketing priority. However, Benioff and his team will not be involved in the editorial operations of the magazine and the existing management team will be kept in place.

“We are honored to be the caretakers of one of the world’s most important media companies and iconic brands,” the Benioffs said in a statement. “Time has always been a trusted reflection of the state of the world, and reminds us that business is one of the greatest platforms for change.”

Benioff has taken a wise decision; where the print medium is dying, this will be proved untrue in the coming days. Rather the way digital medium is impacting the industry and lifestyle by abusing technology as the platform will be exposed. The time has reached its tipping point to opt for the print version. Hence, the decision by Benioff to acquire the iconic magazine could be seen as a wise decision.