Women in Social Media


Young women across the world have made a mark in the digital spectrum by establishing their brands online. Gone are the days where they had to rely on mainline advertising and broadcast channels to get their message across. Thanks to modern technology being made accessible and simple, people from all generations find social media and basic technology easy to use. Therefore, the digital era has broken all barriers of communication and has brought people closer. Every person in the world can now showcase their talents anywhere and at any time and their content can be viewed all over the world.


Male domination in technology has become a thing of the past. More and more women have found their voice on social media. They have established their careers online and have also found the confidence to share their opinion online. Most women rely on the internet for entertainment and tend to prefer to interact on social media than go outdoors and spend time with their friends. Since they spend most of their time online, a lot of women have taken a step ahead and created real businesses online. Social media today does a lot more than just help people connect. It has become a basis for buying and selling and brand promotions.


Women happen to be very active on social media and they are known to have better linguistic and communication skills. They are expressive and vocal effortlessly. If women lead the digital spectrum, there will be a well-defined female perspective in advertising. Across the world, females are more active on social media in comparison to men. This is a major indicator that females will change the way technology has been viewed- a male dominated sector. This is because women seem to have adapted to technology and technology itself has helped them find their voice. Many products directed at women have become a hit by exclusively promoting them on social media.


Women have started entering technology and becoming role models for young girls aspiring to make promising careers in technology. Right from developers to technical officers, women have held significant roles in decision making and have adopted creative roles in an otherwise male dominated industry. The need for women’s representation in technology should arise because women can offer a new and different perspective to technology. There are many women who have excellent skills in technology and when we don’t use them, we lose the skills of talented people who can make insightful contributions. Women have also become pioneers of digital platforms which is a great progress in modern technology.


Falguni Nayar was initially an investment banker who later created a market for beauty and skin care online. She did choose TV advertising but rose to success with digital advertising on Instagram and YouTube with the help of social media influencers. The young generation trusts social media over any other form of communication. They need evidence on how efficient a certain brand is. Social media has a universal appeal which draws audiences all over the world to learn new things about culture, technology, arts, medicine, cuisine etc. Another one of these ladies is Ankita Gaba, the founder of Social Samosa. Gaba has been a social media strategist, lecturer and an entrepreneur before she founded Social Samosa which is a platform that covers Indian social media thoughts, trends and ideas. This site has become the main site of reference for professionals in the media industry.


Undoubtedly, the convenience and cost effectiveness that social media offer have given rise to a higher amount of user generated content. However, women have definitely benefitted more as social media is accessible and easy to women from all backgrounds looking for platforms to voice themselves and learn what the world has to offer.


Vrutika Dawda
Director, IdeateLabs